TinyLynk Services

Have a professional website up and running fast! We do everything to get you started! No design experience required.

What will you all get?

-Unique Hosting Portal
-Unlimited Email Addresses
-Build In Email Auto Responder
-Personalized Domain Name (Includes 1 FREE domain name)
-File Manager
-MySQL Database Wizard
-Site Publisher
-Site Security
-Unlimited Domain Addons

What does this all mean?

It means that you will have a fully functional website equipped with automatic emails which will send out to each subscriber as they opt in for more information. Your site will also be linked up to your company pages and more. As a prospect views your site they can request more information, purchase products directly from you and even sign up and become a distributor will one click of a button.

You will have the ability to create custom blog posts and more.

Pricing: $291.00 CAD Annually
$97.00 Setup Fee

Q & A

Q: Iv'e already paid for the original package will I have to pay again?

A: No, previous TinLynk service are still operational.

Q: I noticed that the new add-on mentions "DigitalMike" does that mean TinyLynk will no longer exist?

A: Negative, TinyLynk will always be available for existing users. The reason for it mentioning DigitalMike is due to the fact that this new service gives you independent hosting instead of multi shared hosting like it is now.


Q: Will I be able to promote this new service?

A: Yes! There is an affiliate program in place and each time you sell a service you will earn $50! You will need to open up a FREE affiliate account to begin.  https://digitalmike.net/register.php